Středně velká dynamická společnost, působící na trhu již přes 25 let, zabývající se slaboproudými a bezpečnostními systémy hledá do svého týmu technika slaboproudých systémů CCTV, EPS, PZTS pro pobočky Jablonec nad Nisou, Praha, Mladá Boleslav a Kvasiny na hlavní pracovní poměr. Náplní práce je montáž a zapojení nových instalací, údržba a servis stávajících systémů. Nástup možný ihned.

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City surveillance systems

City Surveillance Systems are using various camera feeds and provide them especially for the needs of the municipal police, Police of the Czech Republic as well as the Integrated Rescue System.

The role of city surveillance systems

These systems consist of multiple points of surveillance using fixed or motorised cameras, controlling units and operator's workplace. This workplace is used to record the data supplied by the system and for their subsequent evaluation. Signals from the individual cameras is brought in by the means of metallic or optic cables, or even wirelessly. The scope of a system is given by the customer's demands (in this case the city hall) and the objective needs. During the preparation phase we inspect and take photos of given locations in order to choose an appropriate camera position and the cameras are also put to test before they are installed. We are able to supply cameras enclosed in custom casing according to the needs of the owners of buildings, paying attention to the historic nature of such objects. Operator's workplace usually consists of a whole video wall for overview and one large monitor for detailed viewing. In order to control motorised cameras, the operator uses a special console designed with ease of serviceability in mind. For the recording system, we highly recommend using tried and tested technologies which are functional and stable, and therefore highly reliable. Operators also may easily search in the archives and use other simple functions. Processing and analysis of the raw data is done on a custom and dedicated computing hardware. The records may be archived in specialized data storage equipment. We also supply technologies needed to interconnect different viewing centres and also provide the means of mobile access.